What I have learnt after a year at University


Well, it already feels like ages since I entered my hall, discovered my new classmates and arrived in the UK but actually, it was only less than a year ago; time to look back at what this year has taught me.


1.You actually have to study. 

Well, when I left High School I was already imagining having only 2-3 hours of classes a day and enjoy the rest of it to have extracurricular activities. Well, I was so wrong, never have I been that wrong, to be honest; either I choose the wrong course or the wrong university but studying is actually the main thing you do –I actually do not mind but still…-. In fact, I kind of feel bad for having been fooled by movies and books on that part, because let’s be honest no movies will show how much university students spend time studying because -sorry but this is the truth- studying is not as glamorous as parties.

2.Your memory won’t work better than before

Another of my stupid misconception was the fact that by entering University your mind will be able to grab difficult concepts and theories within the blink of an eye. Well, I was wrong, you still will have to sit on a painful chair and revise over and over the same material in order to know it and yes sometimes you will forget it just during the exams, but at the same time you will have no problem remembering stupid and completely useless things that you just read on your Facebook feed days before. The relativity of learning probably?  

3. You probably won’t be the top of the class anymore

Yes, unfortunately, if you go to a top university you will probably encounter someone who will spend more time working, who will be more passionate about the subject or this person might just be an exam beast, someone who knows how to perfectly ace exams. In fact, within a year I quickly realised that my exams techniques were pretty rubbish. In fact, the truth is that I thought that I studied while in High School but apparently sitting at a desk once in a while is not considered as ‘studying’. Yes, I was a lucky guy who relied on a having a no-too-bad memory while in High School but it had its limits and I discovered that during my exams this year. But that’s the way it is. Never rely on your knowledge, always try to challenge yourselves.

4.There will be ups and downs

Well, yes sometimes it will seem unachievable but if I look back every year I have felt like it was getting harder and I have always been able to overcome adversity and I promise to myself I will continue to do so.  And yes, when you come back after Christmas break, it seems difficult to study. If you are living very far from your family -like me- it sometimes feels weird and you might feel lonely while being at university but you usually tend to overcome it and look forward. Indeed, University is mainly about managing your independence but let’s admit it you will always enjoy amazing moments at the University.

5. You will meet amazing people

Well, in High School, a lot of people have different ideas of what life should look like, everyone has their own definition of what a good class is for instance.  At University it is different, it works as a funnel in the sense that people by selecting the same subject tend to have the same hopes, dreams, opinions. At University the term ‘peers’ is so much more appropriate than any time before, I can talk engineering geeky stuff all the time and always find people who will share my interest. Nonetheless, at the same time, a lot of people do not only focus on their own subject which is a really great thing. Even though I study engineering, I still love reading and have friends which share a similar interest.

6.Time flies by so fast

As Robert Orben once said “Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.” Well, he was definitely true because I have not seen this year go by. I can still recall my first day, the first time I saw my peers, my first lecture -ah Mathematics-, my first lunch, my first test: I was definitely not prepared for this one by the way.  But that’s the way it goes, and I am ready to start my second year because there is one thing that’s is true: I truly enjoyed my first year at University.

Thanks for reading.