Back in Business

Today is an important day. In fact, after almost a month teaching Windsurf all day long without any days off and two ‘almost sleeping days’ I started running again.

I know, it might seem somehow stupid but in honesty, I was dreading that day. In fact, every time I start running again I am worried by the fatal question ‘How much did I lose?’. Restarting running is like starting running every time, a new beginning in a sense: my new beginning.

A beginning which is caused by my previous injuries, the loss of endurance and the risk of having lost the passion to run. Someone I know tends to say ‘A day without a run is a garbage day’ and with honesty, I cannot agree more. Sure, when I was young and stupid I just did not like sport, but as time passed by I started to realize that Sport was not only transforming my body but also my mind. Ans now I just cannot live without sport without becoming grumpy and unable to focus on my studies.

Anyway, so today was a new start and despite the heat, it was kind of a good start; surely it was only an half-hour run but I was able to do some fast run and was not as exhausted as I thought I would become.

So here is to a new start, and let’s see where I end up. I will try to give updates as it motivates me to be even healthier.